Pinkerton: 20 Years Later and Its Influence on Modern Day Emo

By: Christopher Fastiggi

In September of 1996, Weezer released its sophomore LP Pinkerton through DGC Records. The album may be in the history books now but when it was initially released critics bashed it and Rolling Stone even had it in their “Worst Albums of 1996” list. Ryan Schreiber of Pitchfork wrote originally that “The feeling still edges toward geeky pop, but Rivers Cuomo’s apparently not feeling like himself these days. Not only is this record not a joyous blast of uplifting rock magic, it’s a fuckin’ downer at times! Cuomo needs to see a doctor about this depression thing.” The record was honest and emotional, yet weird and quirky. It jumps from talking about fantasizing over Japanese fangirls to wanting “sugar in my tea”. The public did not know what to make of this and rejected it as they yearned for the power pop rock band to return.

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Table Three Media Releases Charity Compilation Clbum for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

By: Chris DeFlitch

Table Three Media recently released a charity complication album for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Compiled by Table Three’s Matt Sherman, as well as Tyler Bussey of The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, the complication is aimed at addressing the stigma behind mental illness in the wake of National Suicide Prevention Week. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US, accounting for over 40,000 deaths per year, while over 400,000 people are hospitalized each year for non-fatal self-harm. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention can help people at risk, as well as help those affected by suicide recover from such tragedy.

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“The National belongs to everybody now.”

By Jess Cavallaro

Released in 2013, Mistaken for Strangers documents the life of indie-rock band, The National, while also portraying brotherly bonds. There are five members in the band. Two of them are Dessner’s. Two of them are Devendorf’s. And one is a Berninger. However, there are two Berninger’s and even though the second Berninger is not in the band, he is in the documentary. Mistaken-For-Strangers-Th-NationalIn fact, he films, edits and stars in the movie. Matt Berninger, lead singer, and Tom Berninger, filmmaker and younger brother by nine years, embark on a journey that will be documented forever. Not only is Tom’s purpose to film, but he is also there to help with backstage tasks: putting out towels, water bottles, set lists, arranging the guest lists, etc. Together, Matt Berninger (vocals), Bryce Dessner (guitar), Aaron Dessner (guitar, keyboards), Scott Devendorf (bass) and Bryan Devendorf (drums) become The National.

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the mack

Review: Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” is Divisive, Hypocritical Nonsense

By: Justin Russell


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the American Dream. The self made duo from Seattle who rose from the ashes to produce the music they love were the definition of making it in America.  Their music not only transcended race, sexuality, gender, and national origin, it inspired us to rethink the music industry itself and its future. They were a huge push forward in the post-record-industry era. Unfortunately, none of that is true anymore because Black Lives Matter.
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Radio 104.5’s 9th Birthday Show: Bands To Look Out For

By: Chris DeFlitch

Radio 104.5 is in the middle of announcing their lineup for their 9th annual Birthday Show.

Philadelphia’s most popular alternative music station has attracted very popular artists in the last decade, bringing bands such as Paramore, Passion Pit, and Death Cab for Cutie.

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Muse’s Drones Tour Continues to Rise to New Heights… Literally

By: Stephanie Enoch

The first note rang out from a guitar somewhere out of sight as the stadium darkened.  The audience drew a collective breath.  No one knew what to expect, except that whatever was about to take place was going to be something over the top, out of the box, daring, and extraordinary, in typical Muse fashion. 

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